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You Make the Memories, Let Us Do the Work!

Our Focus is on You! Just Have Fun!
  • Our Trained Party Coordinators and Host will manage everything from arrival to departure.
  • Every day is sunny at BLD! Its Indoors and Climate Controlled!
  • Your Group Stays Together! Your group will have a dedicated private Party room, and a field entirely to themselves
  • Safety is our policy! Our fields have professional grade artificial turf, padded walls and are separated by netting from other fields to insure the highest level of safety.
  • Parents can Relax and Cheer from the sidelines or hang out in our concession area while the kids play on the field!
wiffle ball party

Everything is Ready for You

  • An Invite in a body of an Email for you to print, Text or
    Email to your guests!
  • We offer a variety of Foods, Cakes, and Party Favors.
  • We provide all Decorations, Utensils, Paper Products, Table Cloths, and Candles.
  • We provide various sized Bats for all skill levels and plenty of Wiffle Balls.
  • No Party Preparation, Cooking or Cleaning necessary.

Speak to a Party Booking Coordinator

What Your Youth Birthday Party Will Include:

Dedicated Coordinator and a Host

Let us help make everything care-free. Our trained coordinators are there to make your child’s special day fun, organized, and memorable! Our Host is there to manage the entire process and to assist you and the other adults with anything they may need.


(15 Minutes) – Here your Coordinators will gather your guests, break them into teams, explain the rules, and get everyone “Pumped-Up” for the game.

Wiffle® Ball Game

(1 Hour) – Your Coordinators will help your party during the game by pitching, and umpiring while music is played in the background.

PRIVATE Party Room

(30 Minutes) – In the party room, your Coordinators and Host will distribute (4 pies) Pizza and Unlimited Beverages (Soda/Water and/or Fruit Punch or Lemonade.) They will then help lead the birthday celebration through song, candles, and cake.

GAGA, BLD Game Zone or Arcade

(15 Minutes) – After the Party Room, the BIRTDAY BOY OR GIRL will get to pick: A Gaga Game with their friends! Or Time in the BLD GAME ZONE or time in the BLD Arcade area where they will be given (8) Tokens Each to play. Our games accept 1-8 tokens and some will provide tickets which can be exchanged for prizes.

Play Hard, Have Fun and Celebrate