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While your child might be counting down the days until their birthday, planning the perfect birthday party can be a huge source of stress for parents who want to create a fun, meaningful event that everyone will enjoy. After booking and hosting thousands of birthday parties for South Jersey’s children, Big League Dreams is here with a few top tips for throwing a birthday bash that will knock it out of the park!

Birthday party room
Birthday party room
1. Keep It Simple

What are the things you remember the most about your own childhood birthday parties? Chances are it’s the feeling of excitement that came in the days before the party, the thrill of having all of your friends together in one place, the fun activities you did together, and the promise of cake and presents that lent the day so much magic. Your child won’t remember the arrangement of the balloons it took you forever to blow up, the color of the tablecloths you special-ordered online, or the personalized gift bags you spent hours making. Keep the party simple: games, pizza, cake, and fun! At Big League Dreams we take all the stress and worry out of party planning. Tell us what activity you’d like to do, and we handle the rest!

2. How Old Are You?

When picking the activity your guests will participate in at the party, keep in mind the ages of everyone attending. Birthday guests under age six might lose interest in complicated games, while young teens will enjoy a competitive and skills-based sport. Certain activities, such as Wiffleball, are perfect for parties who have guests ranging in age. Your party planner at Big League Dreams will be able to guide you in picking the perfect activity for your unique event.

3. To Favor or Not to Favor

One of the most irritating parts of planning a birthday party for kids is trying to find the perfect party favor! In today’s eco-conscious society, it can be seen as bad taste to send your guests home with a baggie full of plastic trinkets destined for a landfill. Instead, give your guests something consumable (like candy or a special soft drink) or something you know will be used over and over again. At Big League Dreams we offer a selection of favors that can be enjoyed for years to come!

LET US HELP YOU PLAN YOUR BIRTHDAY BASH! Call us at 609-654-4555 or email us at

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