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Everyone loves a unique and fun BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!

In the world of SIT DOWN in front of your TV, Electronic Devices, Xboxes, Playstations, for Online Battles like FortNite, MineCraft, Battegrounds, Call of Duty, Brawl Stars, ect; Big League Dream’s LASER TAG brings a new realistic live GET UP & MOVE gameplay to the table! Laser Tag brings to life: running, hiding, take downs, shoot outs, missions, and kills to a whole new REAL LIVE action movements for all ages.

Lets talk UNIQUE & FUN Birthday Celebrations! At a Medford’s Big League Dream’s Laser Tag birthday party, two teams will be formed with your guests and the will be sent on missions to protect their castle from invading forces while having an exhilarating good time during Laser Tag Battles! Team Vrs Team! Capture the Flag! & More!

CORPORATE teambuilding Laser Tag battles is a great way to make your office come together and succeed. Effective team building can help your employees stay motivated and productive, while promoting creativity and teamwork. Team building can help you break down the barriers that exist among different teams in your organization while also allowing your employees to develop better problem-solving skills that they can bring back to the office. Create a more open work environment with our team-building events!


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