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wizard and wands escape room promo

Can You Escape Our “Wizards & Wands” Potions Classroom?

Big League Dreams Escape Room offers a kids’ and family escape room in our Medford facility centered around a wizarding theme. “Wizards & Wands” lets you uncover the secrets of our potions classroom. You’ll be given 30 minutes to find the hidden potion! Our escape room continues BLD’s mission of teaching children and adults about the importance of teamwork with a touch of mixed puzzle-solving that allows you the chance to escape into the exciting, thrilling world of wizardry immortalized in popular fantasy series like Harry Potter. Our kids’ and family escape room always keeps your family’s safety in mind – one door remains unlocked at all times should you or a member of your family need to exit.


Recommended for Ages 8 and Up: Make an Appointment

Big League Dreams’ “Wizards & Wands” kids’ and family escape room in Medford is recommended for ages 8 and up with a youth challenge level. Families are welcome to call us and make an appointment. We require a minimum of 48 hour notice for any changes or cancellations. Please note that groups who change or cancel their event without giving the proper notice will not be eligible for a credit. Come play in our escape room and see if you can solve this unique potions classroom challenge!

Play Hard, Have Fun and Celebrate