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Fundraising for Burlington County-Area Charities & Organizations

Big League Dreams is committed to partnering with several organizations in the Medford community to help them meet their fundraising goals. Our fundraising options are designed to drive revenue for your group while entertaining you in the process. It’s all about creating lifelong memories while raising money for your cause. We’ve successfully created fundraising events for many local PTO/PTA school groups, sports teams and organizations, charities, churches, Big Brothers/Big Sisters® groups, Boy Scouts of America and Girl Scouts of the USA, Cure Cancer events, special mother-and-son events, and many more. Let’s raise the roof and some money together!

line of gift bags on table at fundraising event

Choose Among Our Two Creative Fundraising Options

At Big League Dreams, we offer two very creative fundraising options to meet your organization’s needs:

  • Create Your Own Event – In this option, we determine a mutually agreeable date and your organization uses our facility to host your event. For the cost of this type of program, please contact us for more details!
  • Sales Ticket Program – We also have a “sales ticket program” option in which we provide your organization with tickets for a future Big League Dreams special event, and the proceeds from selling these tickets are shared. Please contact us to learn more about this unique opportunity!

Book Your Next Fundraising Event at Big League Dreams

Dedicated to improving our community in any way we can, Big League Dreams believes in dreaming big together. Similar to the idea of fostering good sportsmanship and teamwork among children through our sports activities, it’s our belief that teaching children about the importance of fundraising for worthy causes from an early age will foster a whole new generation of civic-minded individuals. Let’s set a good example for the children today. For more information about our many fundraising opportunities in the Medford area, please contact us. We’d love to help you book your next event!

Play Hard, Have Fun and Celebrate